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If you spend without purpose, you carelessly contribute to the overwhelming amount of wealth that leave our communities and never comes back.


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The Work


YVWA has ambassadors that we mentor. We have our revolutionary education curriculum from the IBFA. Which then fuels their drive to make an impact. We use STEAM from the Whitfield Foundation to spark interest in tech.


Wellston Place for Kids is commercial real estate we would like to develop of foster care and homeless children so that their families may stick together and receive the help they need to pursue prosperous lives.

Young Developers

Their creativity is cultivated. The young people who come through our doors see change happening in their own way. YVWA has Easton, we have Diverse Properties, in partnership we have a program that teaches financial literacy and helps youth be developers of land and of their minds.

Stable Income

Our CommuniCare Initiative partners with Custom Care Maintenance to put our young people to work. Our elderly get the see young people putting time back into t beautifying and maintaining their homes in the black community.


The Garvey Power Poll will ignite the powers we have because there will be tangible data that the people can trust to affirm our powers.

Reparations IOU

The only way we are going to get the full amount of restitutional reparations in a just fashion is to knuck up the cost to at least stabilize ourselves and then sue the United States for retributions and pain and suffering for the amount we had to spend starting with focusing our 1 trillion dollar spending power.

Residuals for the Movement

Each industry will have institutions that create revenue to support the infrastructure, like DreamStakes and our housing crisis. We are not the only ones with institutional ideas, so come with it. 

Our Replacement Banking System

Black banking should be a united factor with all areas of business. It should be where I can handle all factions of being financially successful regardless if Im a business or individual. ORBS will set the standard of how we revolutionize banking forever. 

The Nation

The social and economic arenas that we participate in on a self serving, individual bases, comes together here. The Nation will be the high end real estate of the web. Can you picture it.

Food and Water

We want to cut out the middle man. From farm the the dinner table. No longer a farm but an institution for food. Where we come to learn, create, explore, and deluge in the activities related to keeping our nation fed.


We have so many prospects we are eyeing to help us develop our economy. What we have in place currently will set the example. Closed door economics means our dollars will never have to leave the room, and when it does leave it never represents wealth leaving the room. 


Supposably the diaspora only makes up 16 percent of the United States. With this math, we know every individual of the diaspora can own and have a home without effecting the white economy. There are steps until we get there but soon everyone will realize, we shouldn't be competing for our essential needs.


We will have Freedom before all the things for freedom is realized. Time plus freedom equals the time it took to realize I am free. Then time goes away and I am truly free. Free to be me at an uninterrupted and unprovoking period that is purely growth and reconciliation.


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Public Transport

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Full Support
  • A $10 donation plus a share and mention on facebook will certify you as a BEON member and you will get updates on the progress of our Road Mapped Tech.
  • A $100 donation will give you access to the first Tech called DreamStakes, a technology to help you renovate your home at your own price. Special account applies Pre-Paid.
  • A $1000 donation will give you all of the perks above plus discounts and perks to future technologies.


Donations go towards the many projects that are here to shift the readily available capital into the hands of the people doing the work towards FREEDOM. These funds mark you in support of revolutionary disruptive technology that we adopt towards success.


Minister Of Technology
Umbutu, I am because we are.

The International Black Freedom Alliance

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