About Us

NYROBEONKA LLC is a prestigious community driven developer of technology. We have reimagined the way black innovator's ideas are brought to life. Our development team believes in the dreams of black solutions. We help local governments, non profits, start up businesses, and inventors through consulting and project management by using sweat equity as a means of cutting cost. We trade our time as capital to lead projects to completion thereafter collecting our non-traditional profits.

Currently, we work with 3 non profits, 1 local government entity, 3 start-up businesses, and have 20+ donated ideas and inventions. When we select our clientele, we prioritize them according to how they align with our mission to transform the world through revolutionary disruptive technology. We don't just accept the brightest ideas but we cultivate the premature ones and turn them into competitors in the global market. Our founder has over 8 years in strategic branding and production experience. She translated those skills into building a revolutionary music streaming marketplace. We will have this product launched by summer of 2023.

The reason why we get started building big tech with limited resources is because when money is involved resources are wasted. People will over value their skills, whereas time will permit quality skills when everyone has the same vision. We will get better as long as we know what the outcome should look like. We want to find committed people to spend our very limited resources with and so far that has saved us the most money with the highest quality of work. Our goal is to build global products so we can be compensated well for believing in ourselves just like we believe in our clients who need our services.

Our services come with a culture shock, yes we know, but we must embody disruptive with every sense of the word. Shocking the culture comes with embracing our technology.

Developing solutions, made




our mission is to build disruptive technology to forever change the world around us.

Some of our best minds are imprisoned, some of our strongest players have no vision, and the most soulful are chasing their tails. We have the Solutions. Our Mission is to support the systems towards decolonizing and rehumanizing the history and futures of the Diaspora.

We will accomplish this by promoting and supporting sovereignty and economic freedom through asset building among young adults as young as 18 along with building institutions that make it possible.

Our Vision is to renew the dreams of black communities and manifest the impossible. Systems of control are opposite to the nature of black people, so want to use tech to gain back control over our time and the things we value.

We will do this by continuing to put the needs of us as a collective first and addressing issues from its source. That way it is the choice of their own free will to feed their own circumstances and environments freely.

We value unity in one hundred percent of our efforts because it is the beginning that allows us to transform from being a student of a vision to being the creator of the vision and all of us deserve our dreams to be realized. In these efforts strategy is the least of our worries. The best practice is the process of elimination, so we are open to all strategies. The real question is can you strategize, strategy, which is the gateway to getting started.

It's not important how many people you know; it is who you know. You do not need to know the world to make a global impact, but those that you do know will need to be a catalyst for the task at hand. Furthermore, ideas need to be infinitely abundant; you can never have too many but they must be prioritized and not necessarily by importance but by tangibility.

Disruptive Technology

Take Technology that that will be revolutionary in it's industry and make it revolutionize the industry all together.



Consulting That We Offer
Expound Ideas


Our Service for Inventors allows them to get consulting to flesh out ideas and later decide to pursue those ideas with us.

Pragmatic Creativity


Our consulting can take shape as mentoring, teaching, or organizing. Because of this we are able to tailor-make tech, then discover its home in the global market.



The businesses who use our products are able to save time and money with us because we investigate their industries. We help identify it then integrate technology.

Exclusive Innovation


Our flat rate prices allow us to recuperate and maintain our project managing. Systems become universal so we can use it in network.

RoadMap Prices and Compensation Deals


10% Equity to Develop
FREE consultations


$30 hr consulting
FREE to Develop

Start-Up Business

10% Equity to Develop
FREE consultations

Government Organizations

$144,000 Flat Rate
FREE Managing

Donated Ideas

15% Royalties


Custom Services and Product Relationships


African American inventors throughout history have made some of the most trail blazing inventions many of which has be stolen or wealth lost to never be claimed because of unjust treatment by the forbearers of White Supremacy. 

Our Solution

We want to get inventors closer to getting IP protection. Knowing when it is important and how it will help them achieve their goals.

So much organizing goes left untouched and unfinished because a lot of organizers are starting at square one with basic day to day task and routine work that is essential for every organizer. 

Our Solution

We Want to affirm the work we do with non-profits. It is important that technology allows for organizers to do what they do the way that works with how they do it. We are proving that organizing should just be organizing. Then resources can just be resources without being so much over-head.

Every Start-up business needs a plan and a niche. You can create your own business venture and make it work for you. Where is the capital and someone who will take the time to see your plan and niche.

Our Solution

If you can educate us on your and spill the tea about what you see, we will see it too. And if we dont, thats not a issue because our founder takes it very personal when an idea can be so big that it is of her scope of vision. This is normally a good sign. We have a special process for ideas that big, are you patient enough is our next question.

Government needs can be tricky but if they are dedicated to solutions we can make it happen. 

Our Soltuion

We do mostly consulting in this area that leads to government organizations getting exactly what they need.

The elders have fought a great fight and most of our donated ideas come from those who have passionate ideas thought out to the greatest of their abilities but no longer want to individually pursue these ideas.

Our Solution

We archive these ideas and prepare them for global and exclusive adoptions and we present them, so that we can find someone who can initiate them as owners.

Those who partner with us get our extensive tech and consulting made available to them. They also advocate on our behalf as we raise our limited resources and help us cut cost that are unnecessary and within the capacity of our partners.

Why You Want To Partner With Us?

We on the brink of some leading cutting edge technology and you do not want to miss out, because so much of our services are free our partners offer us an exchange that is critical. Our partnerships most be clear about their needs and and what they can offer our small team that fills big needs.

Still have questions?

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